True colors

I just returned from visiting Washington DC for the first time in my life. I loved it. I’ve been to … More

Teachings of pain

I was visiting New York with a friend from Israel. She suffered a strong pain in her leg and that … More

Upside down

A precious friend who is experiencing a deep and profound grief once explained to me how her world has changed: … More

To know the forest

A dense curtain, overwhelmingly green, cracked only by occasional twigs and branches, shimmering in the bright sunlight or grimly darkens underneath … More


My painting teacher used to say that the best part about painting is the freedom to tell lies. Each painting … More

To my friend

When I miss you, I know a dark warm hole in the center of my chest And rays of me … More

Nutshell murmur

Occasionally, I am left without words. That is – hundreds of them swirl inside me, connect and reconnect themselves to … More