Upside down

A precious friend who is experiencing a deep and profound grief once explained to me how her world has changed: Some days seemed ordinary. Others were harsh – strange enough, time and events continued as if nothing happened, but it felt like a different world all together. I am carefully carving my words here to describe something that is beyond my understanding. I acknowledge that.

I had already made a painting for her birthday, but was not pleased with the way the colors dried up. Instead, I started contemplating the idea of a world, a painted world, that turns into a entirely different world when it is turned upside down. I wanted to give her a painting that will accompany her and rotate in accordance with her days. I made several attempts, all easily grasped when positioned vertically. I therefore  placed them here horizontally. I encourage you to download the images and rotate them.
This was the first. It was painted on a old painting I once gave my son. He didn’t like it and gave it back to me. I assumed I could paint over it, yet didn’t feel it’s really mine to give away:
I went on and painted another one, raw and dreamy. I like it. Not sure it’s the right one for my friend:
Time passed by, but I was in no hurry. A painting should match a person, or else there’s no point in giving it. I immersed myself in painting the forest and ended up painting a large canvas depicting the edge of the forest as seen from my studio door.
Then, in the gap between paintings, I painted another version of my upside down world. I think this one will make the best birthday gift for my friend:

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