Welcome to my blog.

Here, I play with words as I do with colors. Very much like colors, words carry reality into a different dimension, extract and alternate the mundane into the timeless. I combine my words and my paintings and speak to you. If my words and paintings move you, know that they are the bridge between us.

I am a painter and proud member of a homeschooling family, consisting of mom (that’s me), dad and three children. Last but not least – Mika, our Australian Shepherd, who sits next to me when I paint and probably knows a lot about drawing and painting without ever being able to tell anyone about it.

On December 2016, after a decade in the upper Galilee, Israel, we moved to Chester county, Pennsylvania. I now paint the landscapes surrounding my studio and home, and depict the views I see as I travel with my family in the woods and meadows of rural Pennsylvania.

Outdoors landscape painting is a journey, beginning with the preparation of the colours and the paper, then walking to the painting spot, and finally painting – in different hours of the day, changing weather and various circumstances.

The choices I make along this journey are as practical as they are artistic, such as finding a shadow to sit under or handling the colors, sometimes thinner or thicker than anticipated. I look upon this process of painting and repainting the same views as a kind of a visual diary, expressing and documenting changes in and around me. I change, the landscapes change, the light changes – and by the power of this constant change I evolve as an artist, in my perception as well as in my expression.

I began painting landscapes when I graduated from the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design in Jerusalem, Israel, nearly twenty years ago. It was an aspect of painting I knew nothing of. Soon enough, I was fascinated by it. I painted  the surroundings of my home, always within a walking distance, using a traditional technique of handmade egg tempera on heavyweight papers. I painted from observation, and kept doing so on a daily basis, returning to the same places again and again. Every home I had became a new episode of landscape paintings and offered new compositions of light and space.

Each painting I paint carries within it the uniqueness of the moment in which it was painted.

I believe in the importance of being familiar with original art. A real painting evokes contemplation, inspiration, thoughts and emotions. I believe that original paintings should be at the homes and hearts of people who appreciate art and become an inseparable part of their lives. I wish for my own art to be out there, with those who choose to be influenced and inspired by it.

To make this happen as I dream it should be, I started my creator page right here: www.patreon.com/ShirleyKanyon

I invite you to join me.

In-joy 🙂