We are all defined by our actions. I hope I have, by now, earned the definition “artist”, though I tend to be forever not satisfied with what has been achieved and mostly interested in those paintings of mine that have not yet been painted.

I was born and raised in Israel and lived most of my adult life in Jerusalem and the upper Galilee. I have recently moved with my family to Pennsylvania.

We live a simple life, homeschool our children and appreciate the beauty of nature around us. I create on a daily basis, using tradional color making techniques I learned as a student at the art academy in Jerusalem, more than twenty years ago.

I wish for my paintings to be out there, at homes of art lovers, where they are truly and deeply appreciated, where they inspire and change. This is the place for art – at the hearts and eyes of people, rather than be tucked away in storages and vaults. Having said that, I encourage you to visit my shop and website. Other paintings are uploaded to my blog posts (Hebrew and English) and many more simply await their turn on my studio walls.
If a painting speaks to you, it should be with you.
And so, a part of my world will become a part of yours.

Enjoy your visit!
My blog in English: http://www.shirleykanyonblog.wordpress.com
My blog in Hebrew: http://www.shirleyinamerica.wordpress.com
My website: http://www.shirleykanyon.com